This Book-Lined Homemade Jute Bowl is a perfect way to display decorations such as your seasonal decor, display your fruit, use it as a candy bowl, and many other things! Plus, this book lined Bowl is a cute decoration for the readers/writers in your life or just to add some extra personality to your home decor. 

The Versatile style makes these jute bowls the perfect addition for any type of theme or decor.   

This jute bowl is made by hand with natural jute. 


  • 5.25 in. tall
  • 11.5 in. wide at the widest point (top of bowl)
  • 5.5 in. wide at the smallest point (bottom of bowl)


•Be careful not to expose it to any water or liquid as it may damage the bowl.

•Be sure to properly clean any food that has been in the bowl before consumption.

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