I LOVE crafting- always have! but I didn't realize how much it can do to help me cope with depression.


I had been struggling with some depression for a little while (life situations, new job stress, moving away from family/friends, and now all the craziness going on in this world). I found myself not really wanting to do much on my days off, just wanted to sleep a lot (not that sleep is bad but I was sleeping TOO much). And I had times where I thought about how I feel as if I’m wasting my life away- I needed to DO something or GO somewhere (my husband and I want to travel, but it wasn't financially feasible at that time and now it’s not feasible because you know... COVID-19). And crafting had crossed my mind a lot. I would do it here and there, and it always made me SO happy and made me get out of bed (lol). But something would happen; I would get away from it, and then I didn’t feel like putting in the effort to start it back up again because depression hit again. So honestly, it was a lot of ups & downs with it. So really I’ve had a vision to open a shop for a while now- just never got around to it because my depression would get me down, and I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to do it. Opening a shop can be stressful- and that seems to be what always made me back down from the idea. 


But then one day earlier last year I woke up and told myself “I gotta get this thing rollin’!” “I •CAN• do this, and I •WILL• do this!”


So I worked behind the scenes for a couple months just getting everything ready. And, yes, it was/has been stressful, and I know there will be stressful days ahead- but I have a completely different mindset now. I have a •FIRE and a DETERMINATION• and ~I’m ready~ for this! I’m ExCiTeD! And I cannot WAIT to start creating things for you and finding items for you that you'll LOVE


And if you have something that you've been wanting to do, and you’re not sure if you can- YOU CAN! Or if you just need a little nudge... here it is! You’ve. GOT. THIS! Go and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! Go and •CATCH THAT DREAM!•



Thanks for listening- just wanted to give y’all some •REAL TALK•